Tips, Tricks & Drills

UpdatedMonday June 20, 2016 byFrank Brady.

If you can’t wait ’till your next practice to learn something new, take a look at these videos.

Practice them. Own them. Use them in games. You’ll have parents dropping their jaws and falling off their lawn chairs!

Soccer Tips: Single Cut & Double Cut Soccer Dribbling Moves
Soccer Dribbling with a Step-Over Turn
Soccer Drills: Dribbling and the Cruyff Turn

See how Johan Cruyff used his move in an actual game to beat opponents.
Soccer: The Maradona Turn (aka "La Roulette")

See how one of the world’s greatest players, Zinedine Zidane, used this move to beat opponents.
Soccer Tricks: Scissors (aka "Step Over")

Watch Brazil’s Robinho use step overs in his games. Can your eyes keep up with his feet?
Soccer Tricks: The Shoulder Feint